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First, Cleanse your hair with a mild shampoo. Pour about a quarter size of the conditioner in your palm. Spread it evenly – from the middle of the hair strand to the ends. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Keep it for 5 minutes and rinse off. Tip: Do not use conditioner directly on your scalp. Apply it from a distance of a few inches from your scalp.

While shampoos are not meant for cleansing and removing dirt from the roots, hair conditioners offer hydration, protection, and moisturization to the hair. It acts as a barrier locking oils to the roots or cuticles.

You can try Mamaearth Rice Water Conditioner made with fermented rice to add volume, strength and restore hydration to the hair.

Yes, deep conditioning post hair cleansing is necessary if you want to send the nutrition to the roots. This would restore natural oils to the hair that otherwise might be stripped away after a hair wash.

Wash your hair with a hair cleanser. Use the amount of conditioner as written on the product. Allow it to stay for a minute or two. Rinse it off