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At Mamaearth Singapore, we craft a wide range of skin-friendly products for your skin and skincare needs. Today, we bring you a compilation of the best Mamaearth products for face that you should have in your skincare kit. They are meant for different skin types and skin issues, and we recommend you take your pick carefully. 

We all crave a skin texture that shines brighter without any aid from foundations and concealers. However, in an era where product-layering and quick reviews capture everyone’s gaze, it is tough to curate an ideal routine that backs our skin’s health. Whether you are a skincare newbie or have gathered much experience in this sphere, sorting essentials for your skin is never easy. 

We are thus presenting a reliable solution to answer your natural need for a better skincare routine and experience. This blog post is about how you can do just that and achieve better results with a smarter choice of products as per your skin type and its issues. Stay with us as we take you along for the details!

  1. Face Cleanser

It is disheartening to wake up with a dull and tired-looking texture. Usually, it signifies that you are not offering your skin the nourishment that it truly needs. So, how about you kickstart your morning routine by cleansing your face of irritants, supplying it with gentle nourishment, and repeating this step once in the night before you hit the slack? 

A gentle and nourishing face wash would help energize your facial skin cells, prep them up to face the day, and help you relax before you fall asleep. Powered with the Goodness of Nature, Mamaearth’s gentle face washes offer you a smarter way out of this issue. 

Opting for Mamaearth products for face can help you have flawless and fresh skin- and here’s how:

  • If you have an oily and sensitive skin texture, you should go with Tea Tree and Neem, Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe vera, or Ubtan face washes. 
  • Try out Coco Deep Cleanse and Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash if you think your skin is getting dull and lusterless. 
  • Add Charcoal Face Wash to your daily routine to relieve blackheads and clogged pores. 

PS: You may note that Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash also features SPF 50 sun protection against UV radiation. It thus gently soothes sunburnt and tanned skin. 

  1. Face serum

Of late, serums have been on everyone’s go-to list due to the glow they promise to bring on the face. These skincare solutions have their way of blending in with your daily routine and helping you get rid of your skin woes, including those related to intense moisturization and pigmentation control. If you are looking to find an ideal formulation for your skincare issues, here’s a smarter way out:

  • If you wish your skin to age gracefully, get your hand on our Skin Plump Serum that comes enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Rosehip Oil.
  • To correct pigmentation, dark spots, and acne marks, you should opt for our Turmeric and Vitamin C Serum, or Rosehip Face Serum.
  1. Face Moisturizer 

A lot of people skip applying moisturizer and jump straight to serums. Moisturizers are a must-have that lock in moisture and protect your skin from dehydrating. If you skip applying a gentle moisturizer, then you might miss some crucial elements of your skincare regime. 

We thus recommend you opt for the following oil-free moisturizers (that feature natural and non-greasy ingredients): 

  • Use Mamaearth oil-free moisturizers if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin. They are designed with high-grade ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, Cetearyl octanoate, fatty acids, and Betaine. 
  • To fade out stubborn blemishes or dark spots, our Bye Bye Blemishes! Face Cream comes enriched with vitamin C, mulberry, and daisy flower extracts. 


We should use sunscreens, especially in the summer and rainy seasons. That’s why our sunscreen is made with a gentle and effective formulation that does not cause any whiteness or greasiness. Our sunscreens also rank among the top 5 online skincare products for skin brightening because they counter issues like uneven suntan, dark spots, and excessive oiliness.

Mamaearth Ultra-light Indian Sunscreen with SPF50 PA++ should be your ideal pick, considering the goodness it has in its compositions. If you are one of those whose skin has frequent breakouts and itchiness, then this gentle skincare product is worth trying. Let’s understand its composition in a simple manner below: 

  • It contains turmeric and orange oils with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it ideal for all skin types. 
  • The presence of carrot oil ensures that your skin gets adequate moisturization and is protected from sun rays.

Under Eye Cream 

Are you tired of using numerous products for your dark circles and are still not satisfied? We have you covered with some extremely soothing and nourishing skincare products. Our eyes generally scream for rest, which cannot be sufficed by a well-rested weekend. They need extra care and nourishment from some of the most gentle and calming ingredients available naturally. Thus, get yourself a pack of Mamaearth Under Eye Cream. 

This brilliant product range contains natural ingredients like white lily extract, cucumber, green tea extract, caffeine, etc. These products help reduce melanin synthesis to offer a fresh, hydrated, and glowing eye area. So, look no further while asserting the eye cream and buy yourself this amazing formulation straightaway. 

Mamaearth products for face are made of the best and natural ingredients only. Now, let’s take a look at its composition and check what makes this cream an amazing option for routine skincare: 

  • Caffeine reduces puffiness and tightens our under-eye area
  • Cucumber goes well on the skin and leaves it super hydrated and plumped up. 
  • Green tea extract fades the appearance of dark circles and reduces swelling.
  • White Lily Extracts are effective in improving the firmness of the skin. 

These were some of the best Mamaearth products for face that you could opt for regular usage. They all come free from harmful chemicals and toxins and can thus be used regularly without any worries. Secondly, these skincare products are also certified by notable organizations like Made Safe and PETA, a fact that alone vouches for their safety and effectiveness.

Concluding Words 

As you age, your skin starts losing its natural charm and firmness. The golden rule is to follow a routine with the products that align with your skincare needs. At Mamaearth Singapore, we offer you a wide range of gentle and natural products to power up your way for a glowing and radiant appearance. 

We are Asia’s first Made Safe certified brand. We are committed to helping you get rid of your skincare woes and to help you retain your natural glow. With Mamaearth products for face by your side, you can surely achieve those glorious results. We hope you will give these products a permanent place in your product collection and boost your skin health!

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