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Yes. Adults can use baby shampoo as it is gentler on hair and free of many chemicals found in adult products.

Even though your baby might not have much hair, using a gentle shampoo to wash hair is essential as it plays an effective role in caring for the sensitive skin on their scalp.

Yes, Mamaearth baby shampoos are mild and do not contain harmful substances.

Yes, Mamaearth baby dandruff shampoo is good for treating dandruff.

Yes, Mamaearth Shampoo is a good choice for promoting hair growth.

You should use baby bath products like baby soap, baby body wash, baby face wash, and baby shampoo. You should also use a soft towel and a baby bath tub for the best results.

It is best to offer your baby a bath after he is four to six weeks old. However, he should still be given his first bath after 24 hours of his birth. You should bathe your kid not more than thrice a week until he is six months old.

For the best results, you can try Mamaearth baby care products. As Asia’s first brand to be certified with Made Safe certification, it makes toxin-free and gentle products that are made of natural ingredients. They are safe for regular usage too.

It is important to select a deeply nourishing baby care product for your baby if he has dry skin. We recommend you try Welcome Baby Essential Kit that features baby soap bars, dusting powders, body washes, and body lotions for the baby.